He's easy to work with, kind, and genuinely fun to have around


- Tori & Blake

Why do I love weddings? I'm a total people person and I love a good time. Your wedding should be the best day ever but so often it's stressful.  I like helping people relax and enjoy every moment and remember what matters: the people!
If you're excited to spend your wedding day with your guests and throw a great party with incredible music, I want in. I want to help you celebrate all day long, and remember it forever.

let's get this party started

I've been married 6 years to the love of my life, Adarae. We've got three crazy kiddos, Florence, Forrest, and Beau. We live in a 1930's bungalow next to the local park meaning we're always on walks, hunting for the ice-cream truck, and working on another house project!

The kids remind me how quickly time goes by. In the words of the wise Ferris Bueller, "life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Your wedding day will fly by too. I want to give you the ability to relive that special day with your friends and family over and over.

Hey, I'm Ian!

Emily & Ben

We had so much fun with him and the photos are to DIE FOR.

Value #1: I think you should spend your wedding with the people who matter

This is the only time that all your closest friends and family will be together celebrating you. They shouldn't be afraid to ask the photographer for a professional picture!

No matter how late in the day, I'm warm and approachable to all your guests. I'll be thrilled to take another group photo of your mom and her college friends. 

I deliver: photos of your closest friends and family.

Value #2

I'm not here to turn your wedding into a portfolio piece that I can sell. I'm here to document your memories. Which means your portrait time will finish on time for you to party!

My clients get variety and quality in their portraits, but also efficiency. If needed, I'll give you all those beautiful portraits in 15 minutes.

I promise: You'll never be late to your party because of photography.

Value #3

Imagine the first look with dad... often an emotional, vulnerable part of the day. My clients feel comfortable enjoying intimate moments like these because I never interrupt them. Know that I'll read the room and give you the space to let the moment happen naturally all while documenting it as it unfolds. 

I believe: photography should never interrupt.

Value #4

Like many aspects of a wedding, family photos can be a stressful experience when the photographer doesn't know how to lead.

I have the expertise to know when I'm needed. I can take charge and organize a group, or just make sure the trolley driver knows where to go next. My clients have an expert to lean on.

I am: a leader when you need it.

Value #5

Just send me a note to find out if your date is available! We'll go from there.

I pride myself on being easy to talk to, so please reach out!