Unforgettable Memories

Our time together at a glance

clear communication + seamless collaboration

+ A micromanaged list of every image you want 
+ Obnoxious interruptions to get "the photo"  
+ Photos that take a bazillion years and hijack your entire day

Instead, get an intentional photographer who will take the time to understand your vision and priorities. AND an experienced professional you can trust. 


Aside from planned-out portraits, I won't overly direct or stage. Instead, I'll guide and encourage you, as needed, to look your best. Then I'll let things happen as they happen. So your photos will accurately portray your relationships, experience, and moments as they naturally play out.



comfortable guidance

Engagement photos are a great way for you to get comfortable with me as your photographer and get practice in front of the camera. So, you'll not only feel more confident, you'll feel more trusting of me by your side.

A sense of confidence

engagement photos

Ian made everyone feel like the most beautiful version of themselves throughout the process with a steady flow of specific compliments. He was always ready with a quick joke or a fun story to make us more relaxed. 


One look at my portfolio and you'll find an intentional blend of details, portraits, and candid moments. And if you ask me, each element is equally important. Because together, they showcase the fun, energy, and genuine love of your day. 

an essential blend

full wedding coverage

Two creative eyes are always better than one. So, I'll bring along a second photographer with the same energy, style, and experience as me. Together, we'll curate epic shots, meticulously style your details, and find those in-between, emotional moments that help round out the story.

a second creative eye

additional photographer

I intentionally edit to emulate the classic and elegant look of film photography- maintaining real colors and natural skin tones. So, you'll receive a gallery full of stunning and elegant images, you'll obsess over —today and 25 years from now.

a true style

professional editing


I was drawn to the brightness of his work. He has a very light and airy feel to his photo and I love that feeling when you're looking back on memories because you can't help but smile.

I won't follow a script on our first call or try to sell you. And I won't turn the spotlight on myself by talking up my accolades or approach. Instead, I'll pay attention to you, ask the right questions, and summarize your vision, needs, and desires in a customized proposal.

01 | you talk, i'll listen

Instead of inundating you with tons of meetings and extra to-do's, I'll ask you for the important details and collaborate with your planner to confirm everything else I need to know. And I'll make myself available to help out —whenever you need me.

02 | Stress Less & Leave it to the experts

We'll work through your family photo list quickly and efficiently. I'll take control of the room with a friendly attitude. And 10-15 minutes later, I'll get you and your people on to the fun! Because as much as I love taking your photos, I know you're not here for a 10-hour photo shoot.


A laid back yet refined approach

easy steps

you ready?

one last thing

This is why I take a select number of weddings per year.
And would love for yours to be one of them. 

"I trusted him from the beginning and when it comes to your wedding day, you want to be surrounded by people you can trust." - Colleen

I care as much about you & your experience as the photos I create.
And I provide the attention and service to prove it.