4 Tips For Bringing Your Dog to Your Engagement Photos

Should I Bring My Dog?

Yes, you should bring your dog(s) to your engagement photos! I love dogs having grown up with a curly-haired golden retriever and miniature dachshund. They’re part of your life so they should be part of your engagement session!

When you’re unprepared, dogs will derail your engagement session.

You want your dog in a few photos, but most likely not every single photo. If I’m trying to hold the leash while taking photos of just you and your partner, I won’t be set up for success. As much as I’m willing, I can’t be the dogsitter and professional photographer.

Having done dozens and dozens of engagement photos with dogs, here are my 4 tips for bringing your dog to your engagement photos.

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4 Tips For Photos With Your Dog

#1 Bring a Friend To Help

Having a friend to help hold the leash when you don’t want the dog in the photo is the easiest way to have a successful engagement session with your dog. They’ll help keep the dog under control so I don’t have to, and you can focus on taking cute photos together without worrying about what the dog is eating on the sidewalk.

#2 Bring Treats

Simple enough, I’ll use them to get their attention and reward them for a job well done!

#3 Tire Them Out Beforehand

If possible, take them on a long walk or have a rowdy playtime right before the photography session. This will take the edge off their excitement, and make it more likely they’ll sit still for a photo or two.

#4 Choose Locations Well

You know your dog better than anyone. If they will go crazy in a crowded area with lots of people walking around, don’t bring them to a photo location that is super crowded. Instead, do the super crowded area without your dog. Then have your handler meet you at the second (much less busy) location for photos will your dog!

Click here to see the engagement session with the insta-famous Mr. Kevindoodle and his parents!

Having your dog in your professional photos is so fun. I hope these 4 tips for bringing your dog to your engagement photos make it less intimidating and help you take incredible photos with them!

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