What to wear for Engagement Photos

When planning what to wear for engagement photos, here are a few tips from a photographer’s perspective.

If this is your first time being professionally photographed, you don’t want to show up in an outfit that totally clashes with your partners and ruins the photos. So here are my simple favorite tips for choosing an outfit to wear for engagement photos in Chicago.

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#1 One or Two Outfits Is Enough

A lot of my couples like to start with something more casual, then put on a dressier outfit. With just one or two outfits, you can put that in a shoulder bag for me to carry during our session.

#2 Wear Complimentary Colors

Use a limited palette that compliments your complexions. I’m a huge fan of neutrals and lighter colors.

#3 Careful With Prints

If you wear prints, choose wisely because they can become distracting when overdone – medium to large prints are best, then try mixing with solids to balance them out.

#4 Be Yourself

Wear clothes that feel like you. If you’re confident in what you’re wearing it will show in the photos and you’ll enjoy yourself more!

#5 No Neon

Just don’t.

#6 No Free Advertising

Don’t dress like an advertisement by wearing clothes with tons of logos. Big logos, characters, etc… are very distracting.

#7 Careful with Undergarments

Don’t wear underwear that is difficult to conceal – avoid bra straps with a spaghetti strap dress, or underwear that is visible through tight or light-colored skirts, etc…


Dress for the weather! If you’re doing a winter session, don’t wear a summer cocktail dress. You’ll look freezing in the photos and it’ll be miserable. Wear a nice jacket and you’ll fit right into the season.

Follow these tips and you’ll be looking great for your engagement photos! Still nervous? Send a snapshot of your outfit ideas to your fashion-inclined friends and get their feedback.

Find some inspiration from my past engagement photos here!

Anything I didn’t think of?

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